Innovation in Health Care

May 15, 2009 by · Comments Off 


There is no one solution to the challenges that face us in any industry. Health care is definitely a great case in point. This month’s Fast Company shares four stories worth telling about The Doctor of the Future.

These include:

  1. Dr. Jay Parkinson’s use of all the latest on line tools in the Myco Platform to be a more connected and more effective physician
  2. The International College of Robotic Surgery that uses on-line content to train doctors in these very effective techniques
  3. SimulConsult a “crowd-sourcing tool for identifying neurological disorders”
  4. InTouch Health, a remote access system for specialist MD’s to get fast care to patients in remote or under-served areas

Most of these are situations where existing intellectual capital is better deployed thorugh new tools. The challenge for every businessperson in the healthcare and every other industry is to find new ways to leverage what we know.