The Dilemma (and Power) of Free

June 10, 2010 by · Comments Off 

In recent days, I have focused on getting paid for what you know. But, of course, there is another big story in the knowledge economy—one that is still being written. Basically, one of the challenging truths of the knowledge economy is that you will end up giving away a lot of your knowledge.

Google’s search business is the simplest but most dramatic example of this. Their search business yields $20+ billion in advertising revenues each year. But the core product, the search itself, is free. This means that Google gives away huge amounts of value every day and still has managed to become one of the leading companies of the knowledge era thus far.

Another great example is the Grateful Dead. Read more

Getting Paid for What You Know: Knowledge Products

June 1, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

We talk about intangible capital a lot. We even wrote a book on it. But we know that a lot of people think that IC is a very abstract concept. It’s not. It’s at the very heart of how you create value for your customers and get paid for it.

Your company already has extensive knowledge. The question is how you package this knowledge in a tangible form that has economic value. In order to understand your business as a knowledge business the best place to start is with your revenue line. What does it say there? What do the bills to your customers or clients say? Are you selling them a knowledge product, a physical product, a service, or the time of your employees? Read more