Innovation Info Flows – Bottom, Top, Inside, and Outside

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Emergent strategy and innovation are about opening up the flow of information and ideas. The farther we get into the knowledge economy, the more that knowledge gets spread across a company’s network, both internally (through human and structural capital) and externally (through relationship capital of all kinds). The fact that much of the important knowledge is spread out in this diverse ecosystem has significant implications on some of the most basic ways that we see an organization. Read more

Innovation as Emergent Strategy

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One of our favorite writers on strategy is Henry Mintzberg. He is an academic and is co-author of one of the major textbooks on strategy, The Strategy Process. But he is also a gadfly with a real sense of humor. In fact, one of his recent books, Strategy Bites Back, has a photo of a shark ready to bite any strategist that takes him or herself too seriously. In a number of his books, Mintzberg uses a graph similar to this one.  Read more

Innovation is the New Strategy

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In the tangible economy, strategy and strategic planning typically occur within a defined market space. To form their strategy, senior managers study opportunities in the market and align the company to take advantage of the available opportunities. The path laid out for a company is usually clear and concrete. The strategy says, “We know what we need to do and here’s how we will do it.” This is often termed “deliberate” strategy.

But the other face of strategy, emergent strategy and innovation, has been getting a lot of attention lately. Read more