Knowledge is a fundamentally different kind of economic asset

May 24, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

You have probably heard of the the Knowledge Era. You know that we shifted from the Industrial to the Knowledge Era sometime in the recent past. What you may not understand is the implication of this shift for economics–and for your own organization.

The big difference comes from this simple fact: Knowledge is infinite. Yes, you heard me correctly. Knowledge is an infinite asset. Giving it away or selling it does not diminish your supply of knowledge. This infinite nature of knowledge conflicts with one of the most basic assumptions of the economics that most of learned in school: Read more

Getting Paid for Free Products

March 12, 2009 by · Comments Off 

I just read this great story in the blog by Sun’s CEO, Jonathan Schwartz:

One of my favorite customer stories relates to an American company that did nearly 30% of its yearly revenue on Christmas Day. They were a mobile phone company, whose handsets appeared under Christmas trees, opened en masse and provisioned on the internet within about a 48 hour period. When we won the bid to supply their datacenter, their CIO gave me the purchase order on the condition I gave him my home phone number. He said, “If I have any issues on Christmas, I want you on the phone making sure every resource available is solving the problem.” I happily provided it (and then made sure I had my direct staff’s home numbers). Christmas came and went, no problems at all. Read more