Delivering on Bernanke’s call to measure intangible capital

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In my last post, I shared Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s call for “better ways to measure innovation, R&D activity, and intangible capital.” What better way than this statement to kick off the next two half-day discussions at the New Building Blocks for Jobs and Economic Growth conference?

So, after the opening plenary, the group did get down to the work of identifying next steps for business and policy. On the Steering Committee, we spent a lot of time trying to design a conference that engaged and tapped into the amazing wisdom of the attendees—experts from all over the world in intangibles and innovation. We were helped by great facilitators (and artists) from Collective Next from Boston.

I introduced and helped moderate one of the four discussion areas: Emerging Measures. I introduced a paper by Ken Jarboe that I had contributed to. Here’s how we framed the discussion Read more

Facing the Facts: You are already spending a lot of money on intangibles

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We can say with great confidence that you are already spending a lot of money on intangibles. How do we know? Academics have been looking at the question for quite awhile. Here are places they have looked:
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