What You Can Expect


70% of the value of your organization is in intangibles. So you cannot afford to ignore them. We help you optimize the performance of your intangible capital, including people, knowledge, processes and relationships.

Client Result: Health Care product revenues grew with lower headcount investment


The first focus of most innovation efforts is on building an innovation process. But a process is useless without the right ecosystem to support it. Intangible capital–people, culture, business processes and relationships-is your innovation ecosystem. We help you ensure that new ideas emerge and flourish on a continuous basis.

Client Result: High-end consulting firm doubled in size


One of the primary ways of valuing companies and assets based on discounted cash flows. But there is very little understanding in business today of the intangible drivers that drive that cash flow and represent 70% of the total value-leading to inaccurate valuations and bad decisions. We help you create transparency and data to increase confidence in the numbers-and yield a higher ultimate valuation.

Client Result: Tech firm sold at a premium to market


A good reputation is your organization’s license to deliver a financial bottom line in the coming year. That’s why we say that reputation is the “bottom line” of successful intangible capital management. We help you build and protect your invaluable reputation-and your ability to deliver the financial bottom line year after year.

Client Result: Engineering firm doubled key hourly rates