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Mary Adams is a keynote speaker on 21st century management. She will help you adapt to the new terms of competition in the knowledge economy — to use your unique knowledge to stand out from your competition and continuously increase performance….It’s not about what you own, it’s about what you know.

Here’s what meeting planners and audiences have to say about her past appearances:

“I would highly recommend Mary Adams as a speaker for any audience who is interested in taking their business to the next level.” -Event Sponsor

“The exercises were fun and really drove home the concept that was being taught” – Workshop participant

“Best class out of the twelve in this program” – Workshop participant

“My students were so enthusiastic and appreciative of your real-world perspective.” -Professor of Graduate Management

“The case study you wrote and used was relevant to what our organization does on a daily basis” – Workshop participant

“Your approach is clean, clear and thoughtful.” – Event Chair


Knowledge is the New Oil – Will you strike it rich?

Knowledge is the key to success of companies like Google and Microsoft-but also Toyota and Walmart. How you can use knowledge to turn your business into a market leader.

The Smartest Company Wins – How to make your company smarter today

Which company is smarter: Walmart or Kmart? Toyota or GM? Fedex or DHL? The key to success in almost any market is to create a smart company powered by great systems. Learn how to turn your IT and knowledge into a competitive edge.

The Alchemy of IT – Using technology to turn your ideas into gold

Do you have a computer on your desk? So did the founders of Google. But they used theirs to launch a $20+ billion business. Learn how to think creatively and strategically about your IT-and convert your knowledge into repeatable, scalable, profitable processes.

Flying Blind – Why your financial statements are worthless and what you can do about it

Most of the value in today’s companies is “intangible” and is totally ignored by your accountants. Learn the latest techniques to help your investors, board, bankers, partners and managers “see” the real value in your company-and make better decisions, give you better value and ensure greater innovation.

The Innovation Paradox: You cannot plan innovation but you have to make it happen

The need for innovation has never been greater in individual companies and our economy as a whole. But you cannot order your people to innovate. Find out how to create the right environment, provide the right resources and motivate in the right way for innovation to “happen” in your company.

Reputation is the New Bottom Line – How to make sure you don’t go broke in a day

Fundamental changes in our economy make reputation more important than ever. How to make sure that JetBlue’s weather disaster and Mattel’s lead paint problem don’t happen to your business.


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