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Management 2.0: Leveraging the Growing Intangible Side of Your Business – White paper based on an article from Emerald’s Business Strategy Series that  won a 2009 Emerald Literati Award as a Highly Commended Paper. The paper was the inspiration for a book currently under contract with Praeger’s Greenwood Press with the working title Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Corporation.

Unrecognized Intangibles: Identification, Management and Reporting – This is a Statement on Management Accounting published by the Institute of Management Accountants. It is an in-depth discussion of intangibles and accounting co-authored by Mary Adams.

Fitting the Intangible Pieces Together – A Call to Arms – This article first appeared in Intellectual Asset Management magazine issue 44, published by The IP Media Group. To view the issue in full, please go to”

IC 2.0 – This article was written for a special publication called Intangibles and the Systemic Crisis developed by the Italian Association of Financial Analysts (AIAF). It calls for applying 2.0 thinking to the practice of intangible capital.

Optimized for Growth – A paper presented at the ICICKM 2010 conference in Hong Kong, China. It is a case study of a company that used IC concepts and methodologies to identify how to scale their organization to drive future growth..

Getting a Grip on Intangibles – This cover story for Risk and Treasury magazine prominently feature I-Capital principal Mary Adams. The message of the article is clear: 70% of the average deal is intangible and M&A  professionals ignore intangibles at their own peril.

Damage to Company Image Impacts Intangible Capital – Corporate reputation gets a lot of attention every time there is a crisis. In this column in Mass High Tech, I explain that the real story about reputation is how it is earned in the months and years heading up to a crisis. And the story is about good management of intangible capital.

Intangible Capital: Looking Inside the Black Box – We often explain that the 70% of corporate value that is intangible in companies today is stuck inside a “black box.” This article from Strategy magazine tells the story of a company that looked inside the black box to let loose its potential for innovation and growth.

The Weakest Link in Corporate Intellectual Asset Management – An article published in IAM Magazine that examined the results of 430 IC Ratings of corporations around the world–showing that process- and intellectual property-management lag human- and relationship-management. This article first appeared in Intellectual Asset Management magazine issue 44, published by The IP Media Group. To view the issue in full, please go to”

IC: Ready to Cross the Chasm? – A paper that includes case studies of nine companies around the world that have used the intellectual assessment tool, IC Rating. This paper was presented at the 2009 European Conference on Intellectual Capital.

Cultivating Innovation, Lessons from America’s Chief Innovation Officers – A Trek/ICA White Paper that explains a research project our firm undertook on the practices of American CIO’s and the dual challenges they face of creating an innovation process as well as an ecosystem in which innovation will thrive.

Power of Intellectual Capital Assessment – A Trek/ICA White Paper about evaluation techniques for IC.

Accounting in the Knowledge Era – Presentation made to Simmons MBA Program on the dramatic changes that are happening in the way companies develop and report their operational results.

IC and the Future of Finance – Excerpt from an article called FEI@75: What Does the Future Hold for Finance and CFO’s?

Where’s the Beef? – Article that originally appeared in The American Venture Network on how VC’s can do a better job assessing intellectual capital.

Strategy in a Flat World – Presentation to Financial Executives International (FEI).

Will CFO’s Keep Their Seat at the Strategy Table? Article that originally appeared in The Business Edge on the failing of financial professionals to provide strategic information about key knowledge assets.

Intellectual Capital Focus Can Increase Value to VC’s Article that originally appeared in the Indus Business Journal.

Getting Top Dollar for Intellectual Capital Article that originally appeared in M&A Today.

The Intangible (But Very Real) Opportunity for Management Consultants Article that originally appeared in Management Consulting News

Intangible Assets, Tangible Risks Article that originally appeared in Risk Factor magazine.