Extracting value from intangible capital often requires new approaches to management. ICA helps our clients manage and monetize their IC using tools that include:


One of the characteristics of intellectual capital is that components often work together in interconnected systems to create value, a kind of intellectual value factory. For example, a key business process may require specific employee competencies as well as external relationships. This approach helps our clients create drawings or three dimensional models of these “factories” to make it easier to manage the value creation process.¬† What is your path to IC profitability?


We view innovation as the core strategic challenge of intellectual capital-intensive companies. Innovation is a specific process (for idea generation, development and commercialization). But it is also an organizational challenge. In order for the innovation process to work in your business, you need intellectual capital-expertise, competencies, knowledge and relationships-specific to your industry and business challenge. This approach helps our clients manage both the process and the ecosystem. How can you make your business more innovative?


Technology and knowledge work have enabled increased interconnectivity among employees spread across the globe as well as with suppliers, partners and customers. In order to manage this system, it is helpful to create maps and analyses of these networks. This approach helps our clients map and evaluate the functioning of its key processes and relationships. How do things really get done in your organization?


Peter Drucker taught us that leaders of knowledge-based organizations cannot manage through traditional command and control. Knowledge employees often know more about a specific task and/or solution than the leader. So the manager cannot tell the employee spell out exactly what needs to be done. But the manager still plays an important role to set the parameters of work, establish goals, facilitate necessary resources and make it all work together. Where is the line in your organization between management and leadership?