Strategic Capital

Today, 80% of the value of the average company  is intangible.

But intangibles exist outside normal reporting standards and management tools. This means that managers,  stakeholders and investors face an enormous information gap. This intangibles information gap leads to under-performance, mis-valuation and failed innovation across our economy.

This dramatic need for better intangibles measurement, management and monetization are the foundation of Trek’s strategic capital. The business model we use to meet this need includes:

  • Tools – We have developed a number of methodologies and tools that help companies identify, measure and monetize their intangible capital. We use them actively with our own clients and are in the process of launching some of these for direct use by companies and/or their consultants. (Watch for more on this soon, in the meantime, contact us directly and we can give you a preview)
  • Consulting – We work directly with management teams to get better information about their intangibles and use this information to improve performance, innovation and corporate value. We also help companies get financing based on their intangibles.
  • Community development – We are the creators of the IC Knowledge Center, a global community of IC experts working together to raise awareness of and improve the management of IC and are co-founders of the Exit Planning Exchange, a network of advisors to private companies who help build value and successful ownership transitions.

Trek is a pioneer in the U.S. in helping organizations and their stakeholders bridge the intangibles information gap. Our principals wrote the critically-acclaimed book Intangible Capital. We consult, speak and teach on the subject around the world. We are dedicated to helping jump start a new era of global prosperity using the knowledge intangibles that lie hidden and underused in organizations everywhere.

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