Our IC

Today, 70-80% of the value of the average company  is intangible. The intangible value of I-Capital Advisors is closer to 100%.

That’s why we, like most companies, need to make our intangibles visible and tangible to our stakeholders. We have pages for each of the main categories of our IC, including  strategic, human, relationship and structural capital.

Trek Consulting  is a pioneer in the U.S. in helping organizations and their stakeholders bridge the intangibles information gap. Our principals wrote the critically-acclaimed book Intangible Capital. We speak on the subject around the world. We are dedicated to helping jump start a new era of global prosperity using the knowledge intangibles that lie hidden and underused in organizations everywhere.

We invite you to join us on our mission to use intangibles to fuel prosperity and growth around the world. And we welcome you to get to know our own IC, including our  strategic, human, relationship and structural capital.