Institute of Management Accountants Event: Intangible Capital, the real value of a business

January 19, 2012 by  

The NH Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants is hosting Trek principals, Mary Adams and Michael Oleksak, at their February meeting.

From the event announcement:

Did you know that a balance sheet presented under U.S. generally accepted accounting principles can only explain 20% of the value of the average company? The rest is lumped together as “intangible.” Very little is known or understood about this hidden 80% of value, yet this information gap affects the ability of management teams everywhere to make the right decisions and drive growth performance, as well determine the true value of their company.

These intangibles reflect the shift of companies toward greater dependence on knowledge. These “unrecognized” intangibles include a broad range of capabilities and “assets” such as data, networks and processes that together make up the fundamental infrastructure of the modern business.

Management accountants have a unique opportunity to unlock the secrets of this hidden 80% of corporate value. This presentation will explain how you, as a management accountant, can be a valued partner to your fellow managers and peers in identifying, measuring and monetizing these critical intangibles. We will draw from the recent IMA Statement on Management Accounting entitled Unrecognized Intangibles: Identification, Management and Reporting and the book Intangible Capital: Putting Knowledge to Work in the 21st Century Organization, both co-authored by our speakers, Mary Adams and Michael Oleksak.

More information and registration

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