Book Review: Harvesting Intangible Assets

November 16, 2011 by  

I am very excited about Andrew Sherman’s new book, Harvesting Intangible Assets.

It’s organized around the agricultural analogy suggested by the title, which is helpful and accurate–there is a great need today for nurturing and husbanding of intangibles in organizations and in our economy as a whole. You’ll find lots of inspiration and lots of practical use here: checklists, outlines and graphics to help you organize your thoughts about managing intangibles.

Andrew brings an energy and breadth to his discussion of intangibles. I love that his approach sees intangibles as an integral and integrated part of business today rather than, as many intangibles experts tend to do, seeing intangibles as an independent field of study.

As a lawyer, his view of intangibles is more focused on intellectual property than suits my taste but that should not be a barrier to reading it. In fact, this book is instructive as it is shows rare understanding from the legal/IP world of the many other elements of knowledge assets that are captured in the terms intellectual or intangible capital. The bridges he builds between the two schools of thought should help us all increase the dialogue in the future.

I hope you read this book and I hope it leaves you wanting more. There is much left for us to do in the study and practice of intangibles management. Two pressing needs are for the U.S. to learn more lessons from intangibles work performed outside our shores and for everyone in the field to create a clearer shared vocabulary (this book, like most discourse today blurs the lines between intellectual property, intellectual capital and intangible assets).

This book is a great resource to get you started and keep you going as you tackle the challenges of managing your intangibles!

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