On 1/28/10 Make A Fresh Start By Leveraging Your Intangibles

January 16, 2010 by  

On Thursday evening, January 28th, I will be speaking at Suffolk University for the Association for Strategic Planning. Well, I hope to do more than speak. The idea is to engage the audience in a conversation about how to face the challenges of today’s economy using the most important weapon in today’s business arsenal:   intangible capital. Here’s the invitation from ASP:

The last couple years have been challenging. We have all been busy with the business of survival. Before that, we were caught up in the challenges of the boom economy.

All the while, under the surface, the shift to a knowledge economy accelerated. Today, roughly two thirds of business investment and value now come from knowledge intangibles. This shift presents significant challenges-and opportunities-for the way we do business. A fresh start is needed because almost everyone in leadership positions in business today was weaned on management tools and principles optimized for the industrial era.

In this program, Mary Adams is going to introduce the sweeping economic changes that have occurred and then convene small group discussions to dig deeper into the implications this knowledge revolution has for every business. The discussion topics will distill the essence of the new principles of action and the benefits in the areas of: competitive advantage, strategy, management and measurement. The small groups will come back and challenge everyone in the room to forever change the way they understand the future of business and strategy.

I look forward to sharing these ideas with our community in Boston. More information and registration.

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