Coming Soon: More Legal Attention to Intangible Value

February 11, 2009 by  

On Friday, I hosted the monthly conference series for the Intangible Asset Finance Society (IAFS). The speaker was Cathy Reese who heads the Corporate and Chancery Litigation practice at Fish & Richardson. She made a compelling argument that IP will be the next focus for shareholder suits. She warned that companies need to protect themselves by creating clear processes for reviewing and safeguarding intellectual property.

Her slides are available here and the audio is available for a small charge. If you have any interest in this field, get the recording (disclosure: I moderated the conversation but I don’t get any money from the recording–that goes to the IAFS).

Just a couple days later, an article came up on my radar in the Grant Thornton Business Valuation Monitor entitled, “A wealth of information in financial disclosures may be useful in intellectual property litigation.”  Read this and then get Cathy’s presentation. Don’t be surprised by this trend.

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