Don’t Miss Program on Intangible Asset Governance

February 4, 2009 by  

I am hosting a conference call for the Intangible Asset Finance Society this Friday at 3:30 PM EST. The guest speaker is Cathy Reese, head of corporate litigation for the international patent law firm, Fish & Richardson. Here’s the description of the call:

In light of recent developments in business law, corporate directors and officers are more likely now than ever before in history to be held personally liable for losses suffered by the corporation related to mismanagement of its intangible assets. We will discuss the recent legal developments that have led to this increased risk of liability and will discuss best practices for minimizing that risk while at the same time maximizing the value of these assets for the benefit of the corporation and its shareholders.

The call is open for anyone and a recording is available for purchase starting next week. Register here.

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